TASTING MENU, August 27, 2021 - December 5, 2021, engages all five senses to explore food as meaning, metaphor, and material. Following a grain of wheat from harvest, production, consumption, through to decomposition, the exhibition aims to contrast the ephemeral qualities of food with the enduring, sustaining, and cyclical.

While Tasting Menu contemplates food through an aesthetic lens, The Barns Art Center acknowledges that all people do not have access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food. The Barns Art Center asks that visitors consider donating to artist Azikiwe Mohammed’s New Davonhaime Food Bank, a non-location-based food bank that serves a wide variety of communities and spaces through the redirecting of funds for the arts to funds for food. Please consider making a donation here.

Robin Antar, Emilie Baltz, Gina Beavers, Nicholas Buffon, Gareth Cadwallader, Jo Ann Callis, Catherine Chalmers, Sharon Core, David Kennedy Cutler, Guy Diehl, María Fragoso, Daniel Giordano, Lucia Hierro, Jihyun Hong, Sam Taylor Johnson, Alex Kanevsky, Talia Levitt, Rachel Major, Nicole McLaughlin, Tracy Miller, Azikiwe Mohammed, Jeffrey Morabito, Lina Puerta, Nathaniel Robinson, Walter Robinson, Dana Sherwood, Anat Shiftan, Jean Shin, Ian Trask, Edith Young. 

Curator: Tara Anne Dalbow

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THE BARNS ART CENTER 736 South Drive, Hopewell Junction New York, 12533