Join our unique online programme on the intersections of food and art, bringing together participants from all over the world!

October 4th, 2021 - May 30th, 2021
Mondays 6 pm GMT, 2 pm EST
1 hour presentation with special guests & 1 hour discussion 
500 GBP ($693) or 3 payments of 170 GBP ($236) 

Food Cosmogonies is an online course pursuing the reconceptualisation of the world through food. We aim to establish food and cooking as inherent signifiers of human culture, and therefore ideal material for the world-making process. We will justify cuisine’s crucial role for the human being as a social individual and demonstrate how society’s structures of power and hierarchy throughout history can be discussed using the dinner metaphor. We find food the best platform to talk about politics.

With the backdrop of the Anthropocene - a raging climate crisis, a world-wide pandemic, systemic racism and social inequalities, all wrapped neatly in clean, shiny plastic-coated capitalism - this course explores food as beginning, middle and end, in circular symbiosis. Departing from a study of food and cooking as kosmos, we will discuss the value of cooking as world-builder and society-maker, whilst investigating artists who, across history, have used food as material, subject and metaphor. This course will look at how colonial practices, religion and capitalist structures of power have shaped the way we eat and relate to food, and conversely how it has shaped us - proposing practices such as fermentation, foraging, communal seed keeping, herbal knowledge and regenerative agriculture as radical acts of care and togetherness in the face of global homogenisation.  Guest lecturers include, Justin Wong, Yurika Imaseki, Asunción Molinos GordoSean Roy Parker, Johnny Drain + LinYee Yuan from MOLD magazine, Mariana Pestana from The DecoratorsDiana Policarpo, and more.  

The course is run in collaboration with The Gramounce.

The Gramounce is a collective researching contemporary politics run by artists Nora Silva, Inês Neto dos Santos, and Finn Thomson.